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At IDA Meadowlands Compounding Pharmacy, we go the extra mile in order to provide our customers with an easy and convenient way of managing their medical prescriptions. Our caring and knowledgeable team of pharmacists and associates are here to make sure everyone receives professional services and personalized attention for their medications and several other health care needs.

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Our team at IDA Meadowlands Compounding Pharmacy is working hard around the clock in order to improve patients’ health outcomes. In addition to keeping our pharmacy well-stocked, we provide each customer with personalized attention and reliable services that make getting healthy convenient. With a holistic approach to each person and comprehensive medication management protocols, we’re serving our customers by giving them easy access to the medications and services they need and deserve.

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At IDA Meadowlands Compounding Pharmacy we believe that your time is valuable. we have provided you with the options below to directly book the best convenient time for your vaccines, consultations and Tele Pharma reviews. Check our availability and directly get access to our calendar . No more waiting times or phone calls to get your appointment. 

Covid Vaccine

Flu Shot

Minor Illness Consultation

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Mon - Fri: 9 am - 7 pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

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1119 Meadowlands Dr E Unit D, Nepean, ON K2E 6J5

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